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It’s been too long since I posted anything about WordPress, so I’d better get started.  What we have here are a couple of great examples of fantastic WordPress themes that can get you started on the road to a fantastic blog that looks professional and is easy to use, customize and will give you a really great platform for all your blogging needs.  Better than Wix, that should be WordPress’ slogan.
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In classic black and white, it’s easy to see that Simple Press lives up to its name. It’s perfect for minimalists who would like to keep things direct, and make sure that there are no unnecessary elements that could hinder the reader from getting the full gist of the website, and appreciating it for what I is. Improved to be sleek and crispier, you’d find a working JavaScript Slider that allows you to show you’re readers the latest and greatest from your site—so you could easily get their attention! The theme is also perpetually updated, so you can be sure that it would always be in the moment, and that it would work as fast as you want it to.
Your blog would be made even better with the help of this theme’s beautiful gallery section, where readers could easily keep track of what’s been happening with your brand, and a “blog” section where you could be more detailed, and help them know what you’d want to convey in a certain moment or so. Choose from 5 unique layouts, and enhance it more with your choice of tools, of desired. Surely, with the help of Simple Press, your website would look classy—but never left behind!

Boasting of diagonal slideshows and flashy effects that a re never overbearing, Gleam has that certain sparkle and glow that could easily attract even the most reluctant of readers. What’s unique about it is that it allows you to choose a background for the various pages of your website, giving them their own extraordinary appeal. This way, readers would really be prompted to read whatever you have written—and would have a great visual experience while doing so! This so happens because Ajax loading is used by Gleam to make sure that pages and slideshows would load fast, and would not complicate things!

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